I think we all bring out something in one another. We’ve become friends, we’ve learned about each other’s lives in different ways and our characters have grown with us. The relationships we’ve formed are unique with each individual.” -Lana Parrilla

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The cast of Once Upon a Time at SDCC 2014

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Cosima and Alison agreeing that Cal is hella fine.

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EW’s Hard Rock Hotel San Diego photo studio - The Orphan Black cast; behind the scenes and final photo.

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Tatiana Maslany at the Entertainment Weekly Radio SDCC studio. [x]

Tatiana Maslany at the Entertainment Weekly Radio SDCC studio. [x]

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Clones | Orphan Black

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instagram: sunrayswanderings


instagram: sunrayswanderings

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I’m no queen. I’m no leader. I’m just a girl who lost her parents, ran away into the woods and became a bandit.

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The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

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Ana/Now i'm 19 /Venezuela/English/Spanish/Series/

Lately i've thinking about who i wanna be, and i don't know yet, but i'm figuring it out. I'm still suck making friends, but in the few last months i've met nice people so i'm doing it good. And my english might be wrong, still

You can ask, i'll answer you as soon as i can. I'll be nice!