Someone’s probably noted it already but… That moment when Emma wonders if the ‘I know how you feel' and the look on his face suggests that he's tired of chasing after her and that he wishes he could leave his feelings for her in the past. THAT'S NOT WHAT HE MEANT, EMMA!

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But guys don't you see? 


Killian is once again in a place where he has to put himself last. All he wants, all he dreams of, is being with Emma, holding her heart at last, kissing her. And now.

Now that has to be put on hold. Because her family, her son, and her… the greater picture, is more important, and he’s gonna…

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Words that were music to my ears!!


Words that were music to my ears!!

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Captain SwanHook’s Past Year

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Zelena’s Threat 


"Kiss Emma…or everyone she loves, dies!" ~ Zelena, OUAT

Now that’s what I call aggressive shipping. Tone your feels down a bit, Zelena.

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Captain Swan again. It seems I can’t help myself. u.u  And this constant teasing on the series is not helping too.

You can check my older ouat posts here:

Click here for my other Captain Swan (kiss)

and and here for the Outlaw Queen one

Hope you like it! <3

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Emma Swan does not yearn. At all.

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two different looks, perfect in both ways. ❥

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Derek Shepherd sexily eating chips…

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Ana/Now i'm 19 /Venezuela/English/Spanish/Series/

Lately i've thinking about who i wanna be, and i don't know yet, but i'm figuring it out. I'm still suck making friends, but in the few last months i've met nice people so i'm doing it good. And my english might be wrong, still

You can ask, i'll answer you as soon as i can. I'll be nice!